1.  The Netball competition is held on one day. Competition will be for students in Years 4-6 only.

Open DivisionFULL RULES (students in Years 4-6 graded according to the Coordinators discretion)

Open A, Open B, Open C Grade – Competitive

Open Social Grade – Non-competitive

Junior Division – See modifications (9 and 10 year olds only)

Junior A – Competitive (size 4 ball – all other full rules)

Junior Social Grade – Non-competitive (see modifications sheet below)

  1. Pennants – All competitive grades (Open A, B, C and Junior A Grades) will be awarded a pennant and teams placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each of these divisions will receive a place ribbon. No pennant will be awarded in the social competition.
  2. Games consist of two halves – each of 11 minutes in duration, with 3 minutes at half time.
  3. 4.1 If seven or more teams nominate in a division, the competition will be played in two zones. The zones will be determined with schools ranked according to the results of the competition in the previous year.

Zone 1 – Schools who were ranked in the preceding year at 1, 4, 5, 8 & 9

              Zone 2 – Schools who were ranked in the preceding year at 2, 3, 6, 7 & 10

4.2         In divisions where there has not been a competition in the preceding year and seven or more teams nominate for that grade the zones will be decided by a random draw.

4.3          Where 6 or fewer schools nominate in any division, a round robin draw will be conducted.

4.4         In any division, 10 teams shall be considered as the pennant competition, with the remaining extra teams (minimum of 4) playing a social competition when the venue can cater for this addition. However, there will be only 10 teams in the A grade competition.

4.5         Each school in a competitive grade will play at least three round games, followed by a round of semi-finals. The top 8 teams will play off in a finals round.

4.6         During the round games in the competitive grades teams will be allocated:

               2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss and 2 points for a bye

4.7         Results of the pool rounds will be calculated during the lunch break so the semi-final can be decided. On the hooter, if a round game is tied, the game will be declared a drawn game.

4.8       To determine the position of the schools for the semi-final and final games, ties on points for and against will be resolved by a count back of goals for and against. If there is still a tie after a count back, the result of the round game between the two teams will be used. If this game was also a draw, the two teams involved will play an extra 10 minute game. Teams will re-toss & will start extra time of 5 minutes each way. After the first 5 minutes, teams do an immediate swap of ends & continue the next 5 minutes.  If, after 10 minutes the score is still a draw, extra time will be acknowledged by a whistle to allow players to know that the next goal scored will end the game. Teams are able to quickly substitute after the first 5 minutes only or in the event of injury.

4.9          When there is a tie in the semi-final rounds, teams will re-toss & will start extra time of 3 minutes each way. After the first 3 minutes, teams do an immediate swap of ends & continue the next 3 minutes. If, after extra time, the score is still a draw, extra time will be acknowledged by a whistle to allow players to know that the next goal scored will end the game. Teams are able to quickly substitute after the first 5 minutes only or in the event of injury.


Times of Rounds

The order of play will be determined once all nominations are received

Round Time
1 9.00 am
2 9.30am
3 10.00am
4 10.30am
5 11.00am
6 11.30am
7 12.00pm
8 12.30pm
9 1.00pm
10 1.30pm
Semi-final A 2.00pm
Round 11 2.00pm
Semi-final B 2.40pm
Round 12 2.40pm
Finals A 3.20pm
Finals B 3.50pm
Round 14 3.50pm


Presentations: 4.30pm – Times are subject to change – Semi-finals and Finals may occur earlier if no extra time is required in the Semi-finals

5.   Presentation of pennants will be at the conclusion of the final round of the day

6.   All fingernails are to be cut, NOT taped. NO jewellery to be worn, even taped earrings. A medical bracelet may be worn at the discretion of the umpire.


The Umpire convenor will organise the association umpires. The Executive Officer will notify the schools  regarding any changes to their umpire obligations. All umpires must be conversant with the rules and  supply his/her own whistle. Open Social and Junior Social teams must provide their own umpires.


Coaches are able to coach their team from the allocated coach’s area. Coaches are not permitted to  coach outside this area. Every coach must wear an official badge.  

9.    Each team from each school must have a responsible person with them at all times. This person may be a senior schoolgirl

10.  Schools are responsible for supplying their own netballs, stopwatch and bibs


11.1        Schools must provide one scorer per team.

11.2       Scorers must be familiar with the method of scoring

11.3       Scorers – one from each school – must sit together and check results after each goal scored.   If a discrepancy exists, they must notify the umpires concerned immediately. If the matter cannot be resolved, it is to be brought to the attention of the sports teachers concerned.

11.4        All score sheets must be signed by BOTH umpires and at the completion of the game.    The score sheet should be returned to the recording area by both schools.

11.5        Please ensure the score sheet clearly states who won and the score.

12.    INJURY

12.1        No injury time is allowed. Players who are injured or bleeding must come off the court immediately. A substitution is allowed. The injured/bleeding player is able to return to the court after receiving attention. They must notify umpires.

  1.  All netball goal posts are to have padding.
  2.  In the presence of an adult, captains, will toss a coin for centre pass or choice of ends five minutes before the  scheduled start of the round




Age group All players will be aged 9 and 10 years only


Ball Size 4


Time to pass the ball Up to 5 seconds


Stepping Shuffling on the spot to gain balance before throwing is allowed but this must be done without moving down the court. No large movement down the court is allowed


Defending Strict “one on one” defence. May only be defended by one opposition player


Defending the shot Players may defend a shot at goal


Obstruction A player defending a player from the opposing team, in possession of the ball, must defend from a distance of no less than 1.2 metres (4 feet)


Contact A player who contacts or obstructs will not be stood out of play. The umpire will blow the whistle for the infringement but will allow the player to continue after a brief explanation


Substitutions A team of up to 10 players may make unlimited substitutions at the half time interval. Each player should experience as many positions as possible throughout the day


Umpiring Teams’ coaches will act as umpires


Awards & Scoring Teams will play a set number of games.  There will be no finals and the results will not be announced. Pennants and or ribbons will not be awarded
































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