St Hilda’s School

52 High Street
QLD 4215

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PO Box 290
Qld 4215

Phone: +61 7 5532 4922

Fax: +61 7 5591 5352

St Hilda’s School

At St Hilda’s School we aspire to be a world leader in primary and secondary education. It is our intention to achieve this by employing staff who understand the needs of the modern world. At St Hilda’s School we have staff who are passionate about the learning of our girls and who are committed to the creation of an ambiance in the School where the authentic character and leadership of the girls can develop.

St Hilda’s is a school that has a wonderful tradition of educating girls in an environment that surrounds them with fine values. These values are based on the Anglican tradition, and open opportunities which develop the girls’ personalities and characters. Our education is modern and challenging of spirit and intellect.

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