Moreton Bay College

450 Wondall Road
Manly West
QLD 4179

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Postal address

PO Box 84
Wynnum Q 4178

Phone: +61 7 3390 8555

Moreton Bay College

Through the provision of a stimulating, secure and supportive learning environment based on Christian principles and beliefs, Moreton Bay College aims to provide each girl with the opportunity to develop qualities of compassion, respect, tolerance, dignity, self-worth and confidence.

We are committed to providing the full breadth of personal growth and development opportunities:

  • For each student to grow in a real relationship with Christ, and gain an understanding of the tenets of the Christian faith
  • To enable each student to achieve her full academic potential, considering her individual needs and abilities
  • For the development of the individual student’s personal potential and self-esteem within the College family environment
  • For each student to acquire a sense of personal integrity and responsibility to the College and themselves in all areas including speech, manners, dress and inter-personal relationships
  • For all students to experience a sense of achievement through an array of cultural and sporting activities
  • For each student to develop a sense of care and compassion for one another, especially the less advantaged, in both the College and the wider community

We also work to instil in each student that ultimately it is she who is responsible for her own development, and to this end, we encourage students to make the greatest use of opportunities provided by the College.

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