This competition is held over one day in June, currently at Highfields Sports Park, Highfields. This is an elective sport for Andrews Cup Schools and not all schools will participate every year. 

VENUE: Highfields Sports Park, Highfields nr Toowoomba

PARKING There is plenty of free parking within the public areas of this venue. Please abide by all signs and directions of the staff. 

This is an elective sport for Andrews Cup Schools and all schools may not participate every year. 


The Football competition is held on (1) day from 9.00am – 3.30pm.   Competition will be for students in Years 4-6 only. 

Open Division 

Students in Years 4-6 graded according to the host school’s discretion 

Open A, Open B Competitive

Junior Division 

Year 4 & Year 5  (10 and Under) students only Competitive

Teams will consist of a maximum of 14 players with 9 players on the field at any   one time.

Teams must have a designated Goalkeeper who should wear different coloured bib/shirt

Teams are strongly encouraged to provide appropriate Goalkeeping Gloves. 

COMPETITION RULES *rules in brief

As per Football Federation Australia (Aldi) MiniRoos U10 U U11 National Playing Formats and Rules REF:

9 – a –side including Goalkeeper and Maximum 5 substitutes

Recommended Field size 65m long & 45m wide

Goal Size 5m wide x 2m high

Ball size (4)

Duration of the game dependent on draw allows for some flexibility.  Recommended 15-20min games no half-time. 

The official OFF-SIDE RULE does NOT APPLY in this competition format.

The Football competition is held on one day commencing at 9.00am and concluding at 2.30pm and will be played as a round robin competition

Team will play round matches and (1) finals (1 v2) after round games to determine winner and crossover games for positioning

Points will be awarded as follows:

3 points for a win
1 point for a draw
0 points for a loss/Forfeit
2 points for a Bye


All players must wear suitable footwear. Football boots are permitted but must have rubber studs. No steel studs or spikes are permitted.

All players must wear football shin-guards. 

Headwear:  Only soft-peaked headwear is acceptable

If two teams from the same school play in the same division, bibs or coloured shirts must be worn to differentiate the teams.


All spectators are required to sign in before entering the venue and appropriate etiquette is required at all times.  Please refer to the Policies on this site for more information.  


Please follow our Photography statement in regards to permissible photography. An official Andrews Cup Association photographer will be permitted access to the competition area at any time and will wear an orange bib for identification purposes.


Pets are not permitted at Andrews Cup events. Thank you for your support with this.

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