Cross Country

Cross Country
Cross Country

This competition is held over one day in May currently at Kearneys’ Spring, Toowoomba. This is a compulsory sport for Andrews Cup Schools and all schools will participate every year. 

VENUE: Kearneys Spring sports Centre, Ruthven Street Toowoomba 

PARKING There is plenty of onsite parking within the public areas of this venue. Please abide by all directions and signage. 


Each school shall be represented by a maximum of fifteen (15) tagged/numbered competitors in each event. The first four placings from each school will score points. 

Schools are allowed to enter an extra 5 runners per age group who are considered to be social runners and these runners’ results are not counted towards their school’s score.  Extra runners must be identified by the wearing of a brightly-coloured bib provided by the host school(s). 

Ages shall be:

12 years & over

11 years 

10 years

9 years 

8 years & under

A place shall be awarded to every competitor issued with a micro-chip who completes the event. 

Every competitor issued with a micro-chip who completes the event will be allocated points that correspond to their place at the finish of the race. For example: 10th place = 10 points.

The school that accumulates the least number of points from the places gained by their first four runners shall be declared the winner in that age group.

The winner in each age group will then be awarded with 10 points, 2nd 9 points, 3rd 8 points & so on. 

A school without four competitors completing the course shall be given points for the last placed competitor in the race plus one (1) for each non-finishing competitor/non- participant. For example: If the last runner was awarded 65 points, the non-finishing competitor/s would be awarded 65 + 1 = 66 points. 

The overall aggregate places are awarded by totalling each school’s 5 Age Group Placings and the school with the highest score shall be declared the Andrews Cup winner.

In the case of a tie with points for the Age Division pennant, the team whose last scoring member finishes nearest to 1st place will be the winning team.

The school that receives the lowest percentage points score according to the formula below shall be declared the Percentage Trophy winner: Aggregate Score x School Population x / 1000 = Percentage Score.

All events will contribute to the overall school total except for Event 6 the Noel McBride Open Relay which is not for points.   


All spectators are required to sign in before entering the venue and appropriate etiquette is required at all times.  Please refer to the Policies on this site for more information.  


Please follow our Photography statement in regards to permissible photography. An official Andrews Cup Association photographer will be permitted access to the competition at any time and will wear an orange bib for identification purposes.


Pets are not permitted at Andrews Cup events. Thank you for your support with this.

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