Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastics
Artistic Gymnastics

This competition is held over one day in November, currently at the Somerville House Gymnasium. This is an elective sport and not all schools will participate every year. 


PARKING There is NO parking available under the complex. Parking must be found in the surrounding streets or in the paid parking centres at Southbank and the Mater Hospital. 

ENTRY *Entry to the gymnasium will be through the MAIN ENTRANCE off Stephens Rd. NO FOOD OR DRINK (other than water) IS ALLOWED IN THE GYM. NB: ACCESS TO THE POOL DECK IS STRICTLY FOR CATERING PURPOSES ONLY. 

CHILDREN MUST BE CLOSELY SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES. There will be no admission to the complex prior to 7.00am.


The competition structure will consist of 4 Grades – A, B, C & D

C and D Grades will comprise of 2 divisions per grade – C1 & C2 and D1 & D2 

A Grade will compete at Level 4

B Grade will compete at Level 3

C1 & C2 Grades will compete at Level 2

D1 & D2 Grades will compete at Level 1

A school may enter: –   

  • One team in A Grade
  • One team in B Grade
  • One team in C1 Grade & one team in C2 Grade
  • One team in D1 Grade & one team in D2 Grade

It will be left to the discretion of the host school to determine whether additional teams can be accommodated once nominations have been received. Additional teams in a Grade will only be accepted if some schools have not entered teams in each grade/division.   

Competitors may be chosen from Years 2 – 6 inclusive. 

Gymnasts are to be ranked by their school according to ability, regardless of their current or previous participation in the sport.

It is expected that gymnasts currently registered with an affiliated Gymnastics Qld Club at Level 4 or above will compete in A Grade as long as their ranking places them in the top five places. 


Level 4 and above gymnasts:  An A Grade gymnast may only compete in B Grade or below if a school has selected five (5) gymnasts in their A Grade team. A gymnast may be moved to a lower grade within the four weeks prior to the competition, based on a medical recommendation due to injury.

Where vacancies occur in the draw:

The host school will request schools to nominate any additional teams in the relevant Grades.   

If more than one school nominates additional teams for a grade, a ballot will be held if required.

Schools entering two teams in a grade/division must enter their teams in ranked descending order of ability.


For A & B grades there may be a maximum of five (5) gymnasts in each team & in C & D Grades a maximum of seven (7) gymnasts. In each team, all competitors may compete on each apparatus. In all grades, the best three (3) scores on each apparatus will count towards the team score. 

 Each team will perform set work on Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor. The 2017 and beyond Australian Levels Program (ALP) will be used as the basis for routines in all grades, with slight modifications to some routines as per the Andrews Cup Gymnastics Rules and Requirements.

The Andrews Cup Artistic Gymnastics event will comprise of three (3) sessions


All spectators are required to sign in before entering the venue and appropriate etiquette is required at all times.  Please refer to the Policies on this site for more information.  


Flash photography is strictly prohibited during competition. An official Andrews Cup Association photographer will be permitted access to the competition floor at any time and will wear an orange bib for identification purposes.


Pets are not permitted at Andrews Cup events. Thank you for your support with this.

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