Photography (for personal / family use) at Andrews Cup Association Events

The Andrews Cup Association recognises that it is a normal and appropriate expectation of parents / carers to be able to visually record the sporting achievements of their children. However, this expectation must be balanced against legitimate concerns that may be raised about inappropriate photography of students. This Association is mindful of the possibility of photos being uploaded to social media without parent/carer’s knowledge and indecent photographs being taken of students participating at sporting events.

The Andrews Cup Association owes a duty of care to students participating in sporting events and has an obligation to comply with legislation, policies and procedures concerning child protection matters.

The Andrews Cup Association also recognises that some venue managers/owners may not permit photography in their venue. Where a venue prohibits photography, signage stating that photography is not permitted will be displayed to spectators.

We ask that all parents before taking any photographs at an Andrews Cup event, sign an agreement form available at the sign in tables. The guidelines below are in place to protect all children:

1. The taking of photographs is permitted at Andrews Cup events for private use only.
2. Images are not to be identifiable in any form through names of children, schools, staff etc.
3. Images of other children taken at these events may not be used on any social media sites without parent/carer consent.
4. Where an image of other children is deliberately taken, permission must be sought from the parents of the children concerned. Children too, must be given the opportunity to opt out of any photograph before you take it.
5. Group photos should be avoided by parents, as some children do not have permission to be photographed.
6. At the Andrews Cup swimming, only your daughter may be photographed in her swimming costume.
7. Any photos at a venue should ensure that individual children are unidentifiable.
8. Where an Andrews Cup representative reasonably considers that a spectator is engaged in photography of an indecent nature or is engaging in photography contrary to the venue owner’s prohibition and does not desist when requested, they will be asked to leave the event premises. Police may be called to assist where the school host and/or Andrews Cup Official and or Executive Officer considers it prudent.
9. To avoid any issues, photographs should where possible, only contain your child’s image.