2017 President’s Message


A warm welcome to you as a visitor to the Queensland Girls Primary Independent Schools’ Andrews Cup Association web page. This site is designed to provide staff, parents and those interested in girls sport, with an insight into our unique Association and to give you information related to Andrews Cup Sporting events, which are held throughout the year.

Established in 1938, by Miss Jessie Andrews, the Andrews Cup Sports Association comprises ten member schools that share similar values and traditions, with respect to the active participation of primary girls in healthy sporting pursuits, through a carnival style competition. Our sporting carnivals cater for girls from Years Two to Year Six.

In 2017, the Metro Meets Program will be continued between some member and non-member schools. We believe this provides for progressive development of abilities and skills which are central to the best practices of the Association’s provision of sporting activities for girls across South East Queensland on a more regular basis.

The following schools are members of the Andrews Cup Association:

Clayfield College, St Margaret’s, St Aidan’s, Moreton Bay College, The Glennie School, Fairholme College, Ipswich Junior Grammar School, St Hilda’s, Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School and Somerville House.

The Andrews Cup Association is committed to:

  • its member schools
  • the value of sport
  • the provision of friendly competition in a range of sports played in optimal conditions for primary girls
  • the health & well-being of students and the opportunity for active participation for maximum numbers of girls from each school
  • supporting the Executive and school-based sports staff
  • the provision of quality governance and management
  • the enactment of the Association’s Constitution

The Andrews Cup Association values:

  • its past and its founders
  • current leaders and sportspersons in the Association
  • the culture, values and traditions of member schools
  • sportsmanship and friendly participation
  • sport, physical well-being, and Year 2-6 girls
  • commitment and ethical behaviour from all members of the Andrews Cup community
  • strategic futures thinking

I hope you find this website a useful resource. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or comments or send an email to warrens@glennie.qld.edu.au

Yours in Sport

Mr Steve Warren
Head of Junior Years
The Glennie School


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