1.1   Each school shall be represented by a maximum of fifteen (15) tagged/numbered competitors in each event. The first four placings from each school will score points. Schools are allowed to enter an extra 5 runners per age group who are considered to be social runners and these runners’ results are not counted towards their school’s score.  Extra runners must be identified by the wearing of a brightly-coloured bib provided by the host school(s).

1.2   Ages shall be:

12 years

11 years

10 years

  9 years

  8 years and under

 2.   EVENTS

9.00am                               12 years                                   3,000 metres

9.25am                                 11 years                                    3,000 metres

9.50am                                 10 years                                   2,000 metres

10.15am                                 9 years                                     1,500 metres

10.40am                                8 years & under                     1,000 metres

11.05am OPEN Relay 3,000 metres

The Presentation will commence at approximately 11.30am


3.1   A place shall be awarded to every tagged/numbered competitor who completes the event. Social runners are not awarded places or points.

3.2   Each competitor who completes the event is allocated points that correspond to their place at the finish of the race.

3.3   The school that accumulates the least number of points from the places gained by their first four runners shall be declared the winner in that age group.

3.4   A school without four competitors completing the course shall be given points for the last placed competitor in the race place plus one (1) for each non-finishing competitor / non participant.

e.g. if the last runner were awarded 65 points, the non-finishing competitor/s  would be awarded 65 + 1 = 66 points.

3.5   The overall aggregate places are awarded by totalling each school’s 5 age group scores, and the school with the lowest score shall de declared the Andrews Cup winner.

3.6   The school that receives the lowest percentage points score according to the formula below shall be declared the Percentage Trophy winner.

Aggregate Score   x   School population x / 1000 = Percentage Score


4.1   The place position of each school in each age division shall be announced at the end of the competition.

4.2   Schools placed 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each age division shall receive a pennant.

4.3   Place ribbons will be awarded to the runners placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each age division.

4.4   The Andrews Cup and Pennant will be awarded to the school which is placed first overall (aggregate) and pennants also awarded for the 2nd and 3rd placed schools.

4.5   The Percentage Trophy shall be awarded. The winner of the aggregate Andrews Cup is excluded.  Pennants are awarded to first, second and third place in the Percentage Trophy


5.1   Each school shall supply officials as requested by the Host School

5.2   Officials shall be called together 45 minutes prior to the start.

5.3   There will be a separate meeting for checkpoint personnel.


6.1   Competitors names are to be forwarded to the Host School Organiser at a date to be determined.

6.2   Team changes on the day must be handed in to the recording desk 30 minutes prior to the     event.

7.    RULES

7.1   The IAAF Handbook is to be used unless modified to suit the needs of the Association.

7.2   With the exception of any social runners, all competitors must wear a competition number during the race.  All runners must have their competition number clearly drawn on both upper arms and visible to officials.

7.3   Competitors must report to the marshals 10 minutes before the start of their race.

7.4   Competitors must run between the markers with the red on the left and the white on the right.

7.5   Competitors failing to follow the course will be disqualified.

7.6   At the finish, competitors should follow the chute, and allow their number to also be recorded by an official.  ALL competitors, including the non-scoring ones, should go through the chute.

The competitor is not permitted to wear spikes. Suitable footwear must be worn.

A nominated person from each school should be with the team at the start line and will act under the direction of the starter.


At the completion of the carnival, the teams will sit in the designated area for the presentation of trophies, pennants and ribbons.


It is the aim of the Andrews Cup Association to use an electronic timing system for the Cross-Country event each year. Places will be allocated to students according to this system. Places will also be allocated by an official at the finish line and recorded using the manual system. This manual system is to be used as a back-up to the electronic system in case of system failure i.e. where a discrepancy occurs between the electronic and manual placings due to a close finish, the electronic system place will be used. If, however, a girl who finishes the race is not recorded due to a failure in the electronic system, her place from the manual system will be used to update the scoring system.


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