CELEBRATING 80 YEARS – 1938 to 2018

By 1938, although there were many long established girls’ independent schools in Queensland, few had junior or primary grades.

Two sisters, Isabel (1898-1981) and Jessie (1910-2008) Andrews who were both teachers at Somerville House felt that young pupils, who competed in Inter Form competitions with the senior school, though very enthusiastic, were never going to be successful in sporting competitions.

They asked Miss Jarrett, Principal of the School if they might donate a trophy for sporting activities between Somerville House and sister school Clayfield College at the junior school level.  Thus the Andrews Cup was born.

At the end of each year the Cup was awarded to the School which had achieved most points in the sports: swimming, athletics and ballgames, tennis, and basketball.  Additional Cups for Lifesaving, The Wilson Kerr Cup, and for a swimming relay, The Mabel Springfield Cup, were introduced in the 1940s.

By 1944 Moreton Bay College joined the competition; in 1962 St Aidan’s, St Hilda’s and St Margaret’s were added.   Two further schools, Toowoomba Preparatory School (now Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School) and The Glennie School joined later whilst Ipswich Junior Grammar School & Fairholme College became members in 2012.

By 1965 a new Andrews Cup was needed; this second one lasted until 1992. The third cup has been inscribed with the names of the schools which won individual sports.  In 2007 cups for individual sports were introduced & in 2017 two new trophies were introduced for inaugural relay events in athletics and cross country – The Sue Pavish Athletics Trophy & The Noel McBride Cross Country Trophy.

Today the range of sports in the Andrews Cup Program includes Swimming, Tennis, Touch Football, Cross Country, Netball, Athletics, Softball and Artistic Gymnastics. Basketball has been included as an invitational event as well.


    SOFTBALL 1993 St Hilda’s 1994 St Hilda’s 1995 Clayfield College 1996 St Hilda’s/Clayfield College 1997 St Margaret’s/Toowoomba Prep/Moreton Bay College/St Hilda’s 1998 Somerville House 1999 Toowoomba Prep 2000 St Hilda’s 2001 St Hilda’s 2002 Clayfield College 2002 Clayfield College 2003 St Hilda’s 2004 Moreton Bay College 2005 St Aidan’s BALLGAMES 1993 Clayfield College 1994 St […]

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    2005 Moreton Bay College 2006 Moreton Bay College 2007 Somerville House 2008 Moreton Bay College 2009 Somerville House 2010  Somerville House 2011  St. Aidan’s 2012  St. Aidan’s 2013  St. Hilda’s 2014  Somerville House 2015  Somerville House 2016 St Hilda’s 2017 Event not contested .  

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    2008 Clayfield College 2009 Somerville House 2010  Moreton Bay College 2011  St. Aidan’s 2012  St. Aidan’s 2013  St. Hilda’s 2014  St. Aidan’s 2015  Somerville House 2016 St Aidan’s 2017 Event not contested ..             .. . . . . . .

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