2018 President’s Message



Welcome to our 80th Anniversary year of the Queensland Girls Primary Independent Schools’ Andrews Cup Association. We warmly invite you to explore our website to obtain information regarding Andrews Cup events and to gain insight into our unique and successful association.

The Andrews Cup Association was established in 1938 by Messes Isabel and Jessie Andrews and it brings together ten-member schools. Miss Andrews’ passion for girls in sport and healthy pursuits has continued to be realised through the Andrews Cup Association and its active existence for the past eighty years.

In 2018 we continue to encourage and facilitate healthy competition in carnival style competitions (member schools only) and our Metro Meets program (member and non-member schools). The competitive sporting opportunities are offered to girls ranging from Year Two to Year Six who belong to our member schools, all of whom share similar important values and traditions.

As an Association we believe strongly in our responsibility to develop the abilities and skills across a broad range of sporting pursuits for girls, as well as the opportunity for young girls to experience both the competition and camaraderie that is inherent in both the sporting carnivals and Metro Meets program. Each member school, along with the Association, focuses on self- improvement and individual goal setting as well as sporting excellence.

The primary aims and objectives of the Andrews Cup Association include:

• The provision of a healthy and safe competition which fosters maximum participation
• The encouragement and promotion of sportsmanship and fair play, as well as an appreciation of the need for a healthy and
participatory approach to sporting activities
• Fostering of a friendly atmosphere while promoting social interaction between all member schools
• To encourage, promote and arrange sporting fixtures for member schools as deemed necessary by the Association

The Andrews Cup member schools are: (listed alphabetically)

• Clayfield College
• Fairholme College
• Ipswich Junior Grammar School
• Moreton Bay College
• St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School
• St Hilda’s School
• St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School
• Somerville House
• The Glennie School
• Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School

The Association is hopeful you will find this website both useful and informative and wish you a great year in sport!

Warm regards,

Mrs Nicolee Eiby
2018 QGPIS, Andrews Cup President

Head of Ipswich Junior Grammar School

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