Andrews Cup Association Official Photographer

After requests from parents and schools, the Andrews Cup Association has engaged the services of a professional sports photographer, on a trial basis, to take photographs of students at Andrews Cup events. These photographs will be available to parents for purchase through the website ( and further details about this will be forwarded to parents through your daughter’s school.

Schools have lists of children who may not be photographed and these images will be removed from the secure website before being available to school communities. It is important that parents inform schools of their requirements in this regard or if their circumstances change.

This secure website will be password protected and schools will inform parents of this at the appropriate time. Website photos will be in folders in sports and events. Parents whose children attended events will receive an email with a password from the school when the site is live.

These photos will expire on the website after three months. Parents may contact the school after that time and request photos from the photographer.

Details about our photographer will be available at Andrews Cup events this term.

Mr Steve Warren
Andrews Cup Association 2017

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